Spa Packages

  • MAIA Retreat Package

  • $260


    Relax and unwind with a 50-minute Swedish Massage, a 50-minute Youth Shield Facial and a MAIA Signature Manicure and Pedicure. Enjoy a spa lunch and finish your day with shampoo and blowout.

  • Mommy-To-Be Package

  • $245


    Pampering and relaxation for the expectant mother is essential! Start with a 50- minute Prenatal Massage, 50-minute MAIA Signature Facial, and MAIA Signature Manicure and Pedicure. Finish your relaxation experience with a shampoo, blowout and a make-up refresher.

  • CouplesPackage

  • $300


    Spend some time relaxing alongside your special someone in our Couples Suite. Enjoy a 50-minute Couples Swedish Massage and Scalp Massage with Aromatherapy. Finish with a Couples Happy Hour Pedicure!

  • Rejuvenation Package

  • $150


    Enjoy a 50-minute Swedish Massage accompanied by a 50-minute MAIA Signature Facial.

  • Gentleman's Package

  • $200


    MAIA Salon Spa and Wellness caters to men too! Re-energize with a 50-minute Deep Tissue Massage, a 50-minute MAIA Signature Facial, 10-minute Steam Shower and finish with a Haircut.

  • Bride-To-Be Package

  • $280


    Prepare to unwind before your big day! Relax with a 50-minute Swedish Massage, Beautiful and Bright Skin Facial, Happy Hour Pedicure, finish with a Shampoo, Blowout and a Make-Up Refresher.

  • Groom-To-Be Package

  • $180


    Enjoy a 50-minute Hot Stone Massage and a 50-minute MAIA Signature Facial.
    Finish with a 10-minute Steam Shower!

Any MAIA package can be customized.

Please call us and we will be happy to work with you to create the perfect experience for you!

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