Seaweed Body Wrap

$125 (50 minutes)

Seaweed is a plant rich in many vitamins and minerals which are essentials for good health, beauty and rejuvenation. Seaweed wrap is a luxurious treatment which improves skin’s elasticity and firmness, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and detoxifies the body. Rich in copper, magnesium and zinc, seaweed is also abundant in antioxidants, all of which are absorbed by your body during this relaxing and healing treatment.

Mud Body Mask

$125 (50 min.)

Series of 6 – $500 Mud body mask offers many benefits, including increased circulation, removal of toxins from the skin, and tightening and firming of skin texture. Because of its detoxifying properties, it also shrinks cellulite and results in a loss of inches. For best results, a series of six Mud Body Mask treatments is recommended. We also recommend our ‘Danae’ Exfoliating Body Polish and Steam Shower prior to the mud wrap for maximum benefits.

Cellulite Compression Wrap

$35 (Per Treatment Area)
Upper Arms, Abdomen, Thighs
Select All Three for $90

Compression wraps target specific body areas to reduce cellulite and sculpt the body contour revealing a slender silhouette. Best results are seen when series of 6 are performed every 5 days with proper hydration and home care.
Pre-purchase three areas and get one free for all areas!



10 minutes

Exfoliating Body Polish
and Steam Shower


30 minutes

Advanced Techniques

Craniosacral Therapy – $75
Lymphatic Massage – $145
Cellulite Breakdown – $65
Accupressure and Amma – $90
Reiki – $95

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