Summer on Long Island has heads turning STRAIGHT to the top salons as the frizz frenzy begins!

Whether it’s sleek hair, curly coils, or a time saving alternatives to your regular hair care routine ~ NO WORRIES~ at MAIA SALON SPA AND WELLNESS we’ve got!!! Qiqi, a keratin free re texturizing service, allows you to swim in the pools and ocean without compromising your treatments results!

As one of the few salons on to offer Qiqi – a complete game changer in the smoothing system universe – we have been getting lots of questions as to comparing and contrasting other systems.

We’d like to break it down for you and explain why your result will be stronger and better with Qiqi than the other systems.

* Qiqi uses an acid as its active ingredient to soften the bond of the hair allowing for manipulation to permanently straighten with a flat iron or smooth it out with a blow dryer and round brush. These results are considered permanent. It can also maintain curls as they are and infuse them with moisture, shine and remove frizz. This result is considered semi permanent because it’s not on the hair long enough to soften the bond. (see our website for all options and more details)

* Qiqi is safe for all hair types, textures and conditions and will leave hair shiny and easier to care for. This is unique for this system as most other products are very strong or the ironing is excessive causing unhealthy results for the hair.

* Some Systems results may vary with the number of passes with the flat iron. From what we understand, Magic Sleek also breaks the bond and reseals it with a “sealing lotion” after the smoothing is complete. This may leave the hair feeling dry and somewhat damaged on some hair types.

*Others rely on different amino acids and proteins to smooth the hair. The company state it is permanent and you can achieve different results. This product doesn’t appear to manipulate the bond to assist in creating strong results. Personally, we have not used this product; however, after research and industry inquiry we can attest to the strength and longevity ofit’se Qiqi formulation when compared to other compound formulations.

Qiqi’s proprietary formulation is constructed to achieve permanent straight results within the hair, where its texture is formed. Because it’s manipulating the bond of the hair and not breaking it, it can give a strong straight result, manage the unruly frizz, and revive run-down and impaired hair all in a healthier way!

Perhaps the best news is that with Qiqi, you can go into the ocean or the pool without diminishing your results! You can color or shampoo your hair in as little one hour after the treatment. No Hair rules, just watch your Hair RULE the beaches and pools this summer!

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