Why do some salons charge for a toner or a gloss and some include it in the price of the hi-lights?

Simply, because all hi-lights are not created equal. Depending on the client’s desired tone some hair may not have the ability to be lifted to a specified level without a “little help from a friend”

Enter your “always there when you need them” Toner, Glaze and Gloss. These can be the holly trinity of hair colorists when, of course they are needed. Toner will indeed Tone your color to mitigate an Unwanted yellow or orange hue on bleached hair, extra vibrancy for your reds, or add dimension to a brunette. It can be applied as a semi permanent color treatment, or may come in the form of a purple shampoo.

With Purple shampoo being all the craze, keep in mind that this DYI Icy Blonde Fave may stain your locks over time so ALWAYS Proceed with caution and follow your stylists directions.

The lighteners and bleaches of today are quite sophisticated, in that some clients may not need a toner at each of your color sessions. Should your color be a bit more intricate, as in the ever popular balayage, or ombre, that employ multiple tones most likely a Toner will be part of your Glam Squad package. Your colorist may also suggest sealing your color with a glaze or gloss which you return within 3-6 weeks for a Toner refresh and or a Glaze or Gloss.

Your colorist may opt to seal your color service with a Glaze, Gloss or suggest you reserve a follow-up session in a few weeks to refresh newly color or hi-light service. If you’ve spent a lot of time in the sun, beach or pool, wash and blow dry your hair often you’d most definitely see the benefits of regular glaze sessions as it will seal in your color, add dimension and keep you gleaming and glowing between your full color visits. Depending on the color line and your hair’s specific needs, your glaze or gloss may contain ammonia but neither are damaging or Permanent treatments.

To simplify booking at MAIA, we offer a “Glaze” Service,as most of our clients opt for that extra long lasting boost of shine, condition and frizz protection this salon’s service offers. However, your colorist will most certainly suggest the process that is best for your desired look!

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